On the left are older web shots, and on the right, new ones I shot.

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On the left the space feels very tight and small. It's actually much more open.


We can't always get perfect days to shot, but it helps. This lanai is larger than it seems in the first photo.


Very little of the actual living room was caught in the first photo, or of the rich golds in the room.

Who wants to see a picture of the windows. I like to add a little color when needed. It feels more inviting.


On the left, the kitchen looks tiny. It's actually quite expansive


You don't feel the high ceilings, or the room's coziness.


This is a large lanai, but you wouldn't know it.


On the right, the dining room doesn't feel cramped into a corner.


It's a nice entry way, but really dramatic with the right lighting.


The photo on the right shows off the dining room in relation with the rest of the room.


Same picture, just more room, more atmosphere.


This room has so much character, but you don't see it in the first photo.